Dear Diary…

March 20, 2000

Do you know what Allie said today it in front of the whole class? I couldn’t believe it. She said that her mommy was so rich she could buy her two whole ponies if she wanted. Then she asked me how many ponies MY mommy could buy me if I wanted them.

I didn’t answer her because that was rude and also I was trying to listen to the teacher anyway. I also was thinking about lunch because it was personal pizza day and personal pizzas are my favorite. But anyway I do want ponies. I want three ponies. Albert, Dorrine, and Lu. Mom probably can’t buy me a half, even.

June 2nd, 2000

I had to go with Dad today to the car place. Dad drives a stinky mini van that’s kinda gray but kinda brown. It smells like rotten apples and bananas because that’s what we eat on road trips.

I hate going to the car place. There’s nothing to do. But it was ok this time because when Dad gave the Honda guys his stinky car to fix, he brought me to this place called the lounge. The lounge is the place where they have chairs and a TV and those oat-y granola bars. We were the only people in the whole lounge! Dad made up a game where he sits in one corner, and I sit in the other corner, and we try to see if we can throw the granola bar wrapper at each others heads. And I’m a really good thrower, he says! When we got the van back it still smelled bad.


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