(pictured- my sister, my Au Pair Iolanda, my dog and I snowday-ing it up, 1999) 

I was once obsessed with Shel Silverstein poems. I carried around Where the Sidewalk Ends to playdates and summer barbecues when I was eight, and forced my friends to sit and read with me. I liked to act them out and do funny voices, but I think I was the only one really entertained.

Anyway, that’s when I first picked up a pencil and started writing. (I think it was on an old Mac computer, but that’s neither here nor there…)

So I wrote a Silverstein inspired poem about a snowman, entitled, shockingly, “Snowman”, and here’s how it went:

I built a snowman on a cold winter day-

a carrot for his nose, and eyes made of clay.

Buttons on his chest and a non-sweat band,

My dad’s shoes for his feet and a broom in his hand.

He was only a few minutes old, maybe five,

and the only thing I need now is the magic hat to make him alive. 


I honestly think I peaked when I was eight, unfortunately.


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